The Most Nutritious Bone Broth

I’m going to teach you how to make the quickest, most delicious bone broth by using your food scraps.

If you ever roast a whole chicken, turkey, duck, or pork roast, bake chicken drumsticks, or buy bones from your local market, then you have the ingredients for making bone broth.

Tip: if you can find chicken feet, BUY THEM. It will produce the healthiest, most gelatinous broth you've ever had without any difference in taste.

You’ll need a large pot that’s big enough to make about a gallon of broth at a time.

First, put all your bones (and please add a chicken foot or two!) into your pot, and then add a generous pinch of salt (the salt doesn’t season the broth, but it helps to break down the bones - you’ll season your broth later when you add it to recipes).

Next, fill your pot up with as much water as you can. You should expect the water to evaporate from the pot quite a bit while it’s cooking.

Set your stove to medium-high until it starts to simmer and then change it to low. Scrape any scum off the top of the pot if it forms. You will need to let this simmer on low for about six hours, adding water whenever the water level drops below the bones.

Your liquid will turn a creamy-white when it’s done. Let it cool, then strain and store the broth in the fridge for several days (or in the freezer for several months).

Your broth will (hopefully) be the consistency of jello once all of the good collagen and gelatin from the bones have seeped into the water. Once the broth is warmed up, it will become liquid again.

This home-made bone broth will add a ton of protein and nutrients to your meals as well as a rich and deliciously savory flavor.