Start Your Side-Hustle With Free Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many others provide a way to save and invest money digitally outside of currencies that are under the control of governments or banks. They can be traded like stocks or commodities directly between people who may be across the world from each other, and who may not even know or trust each other, but who can still buy and sell goods and services thanks to the blockchain technology that provides a public record of every transaction that can’t be altered or removed later on. Cryptocurrencies can also be ‘mined’ by anyone with a computer who can run the mining software to produce new blocks or coins that are saved to a ‘wallet’, which is a secure vault for holding your money.

There are many ‘exchanges’, or places that allow you to create a wallet and begin buying or selling cryptocurrencies, but one of the largest , most-secure, and most-established is Coinbase. Not only does Coinbase allow for trading in all of the big-name cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but it also has support for trading in almost any kind of cryptocurrency you can find. But one of the things that makes Coinbase unique is that it earns you free crytocurrency coins just for learning about new cryptocurrencies! I’ve been able to earn more than $15 in free cryptocurrencies since I signed up, without having to spend a dime - and that includes Ethereum, which has gained 1% since I received it, completely for free. Coinbase even lets you ‘stake’ cryptocurrency, which is like loaning money out of your savings - to earn more than you can by putting money out of a traditional savings account.

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