You Are Definitely Forgetting This Prepper Item

One of the most overlooked survival supplies is feminine hygiene products. Regardless of the circumstances, however, menstruation will remain a fact of life. Many preppers stock up on pads and tampons, and I agree that we should have a supply in case of emergency, especially if that’s your preferred product.

But I want to suggest a cheaper, longer-lasting, and healthier option: menstrual cups. With proper care, a menstrual cup can last up to TEN YEARS! A few stashed in your survival supplies should last one woman her entire lifetime. There are also many immediate benefits to switching to a menstrual cup, including:


The average woman will spend about $18,000 on feminine hygiene products over the course of her lifetime. But a menstrual cup will cost around $20 - $40. And since each one will last about a decade, you’ll be saving HUNDREDS of dollars! This is a very budget-friendly option without sacrificing comfort.
EcoBlossom Menstrual Cups



Menstrual cups are made with medical grade silicone and have none of the toxins that are in disposable feminine products. Many women have noticed less (or no) cramps, lighter bleeding, and a shortened period while using one.


Unlike with a tampon, you’ll be able to enjoy sex while using the Ziggy cup, mess free.
Intimina Ziggy Cup


The Environment

Did you know that a pad can take 500-800 years to biodegrade, and that most tampon brands will take up to 1000 years?! Women can go through more than 10,000 tampons during their lifetime! All that waste can be avoided with one simple product.

Stock up now!