Ultimate Car Organization Guide

One of the BEST and easiest ways to be prepared for ANYTHING ranging from minor everyday inconveniences to disaster scenarios, is to properly prepare... YOUR CAR!

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, there will be some lost spaces that you can utilize for your prep. The absolute best space for storing supplies is actually behind the seats! I have placed one of these organizers behind every single seat in my van for years, and I could not be happier with them. They are sturdy, clean up well, and have saved the day more than once (since I’ve stocked them up full of essentials like mints for dealing with car sick children):

Car Backseat Organizer


Another great space to utilize is between seats, since this would otherwise be totally wasted space! I use a car net organizer to add a ton of storage to those areas. I have one these between the driver and passenger seats where I only put items that I need to be able to access quickly:

Car Net Organizer

DFDM National

One overlooked item in most cars is actually a trash can. Adding a system to take care of trash quickly is essential to keeping your car clean and organized. You don’t want to put all this work into keeping your car stocked with supplies and organized only to have it become a cluttered mess thanks to garbage everywhere. I keep our van clean and organized by always throwing trash out immediately. TRUST ME, this one is a total game changer:

Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets


My FAVORITE place to organize is the trunk, and I have several waterproof trunk organizers in our trunk at all times. You can leave them empty and then use them to keep your groceries safe on the way home from the store. I always keep one stocked with our favorite supplies:

Waterproof Trunk Organizer


And lastly...what are the types of supplies that I’m keeping stocked in our car??? Here’s our extensive list below. Keep in mind that I have several young kids, many of whom get car sickness easily, and I live in a moderate climate… so all that changes what I store. You’ll want to make adjustments to the types of items you store based on your own area, lifestyle, and other factors.